Jan 3, 2017

Amanda Answers Your Questions About UD Pro Brushes

Remember when you asked Amanda Rodriguez, our artist in residence, your burning questions about our UD Pro Brushes? Well, she’s back with lots of insightful answers for you! Watch now to get all the brush info you can handle (and see if she got to your question).

To get you familiar with our UD Pro Brushes, here’s the lineup:

UD Pro Angled Brow Brush
UD Pro Angled Eyeliner Brush
UD Pro Angled Lip Brush
UD Pro Contour Definition Brush
UD Pro Diffusing Blush Brush
UD Pro Diffusing Highlighter Brush
UD Pro Detailed Concealer Brush
UD Pro Detailed Smudger Brush
UD Pro Domed Concealer Brush
UD Pro Essential Eye Tool
UD Pro Eyeshadow Contour Brush
UD Pro Finishing Powder Brush
UD Pro Flat Eyeshadow Brush
UD Pro Flat Optical Blurring Brush
UD Pro Iconic Eyeshadow Brush
UD Pro Large Blending Brush
UD Pro Large Eyeshadow Brush
UD Pro Large Powder Brush
UD Pro Large Tapered Powder Brush
UD Pro Large Tapered Foundation Brush
UD Pro Medium Eyeshadow Brush
UD Pro Moondust Brush
UD Pro Optical Blurring Brush
UD Pro Precise Eyeliner Brush
UD Pro The Finger Brush
UD Pro Tightline Brush
UD Pro Smoky Crease Brush
UD Pro Smoky Smudger Brush
UD Pro Tapered Blending Brush

Category: Behind The Purple Door

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