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To order, call 1-800-784-8722.

Product description
UD junkie AND a surf junkie? Satisfy two addictions at once with our custom-designed UD Surfboard (made to your exact specifications and shaped by Tim Stamps).
Why a UD surfboard, you ask? When you’re based in Newport Beach like we are, surfing is as ingrained in the lifestyle as wearing shorts in the middle of winter. Diehards in our office surf before work, on their lunch breaks…pretty much whenever they get a chance. Wende, our founding partner, has been known to get in on the action too. When the stars are aligned just right and she doesn’t have a zillion meetings to rush off to, she loves to steal away and catch a couple of waves. (It doesn’t happen nearly as often as she’d like, but it helps that our office is just a few minutes from some great surf breaks.)

Wende’s idea of the ultimate board? A custom UD Surfboard. Available in two designs (one featuring hand-drawn artwork from one of our palettes and the other dip-dyed in purple and black), this isn’t just any board. It’s custom-made to your exact specifications and shaped by Tim Stamps. Short boards (5’8” to 6’2”) are $1250; long boards (7” and over) are $1800. Each board comes with a surf sock and a display stand.

Note: Since every board is custom-made, online ordering isn’t available for this item. To order, call us at 1-800-784-8722 so that we can get your exact specifications. Boards ship direct from the factory; please allow 6–8 weeks for delivery.

To order, call 1-800-784-8722

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