"Our work together has directly resulted in...enabling women to learn to read, become successful entrepreneurs and leaders in their communities." —Karen Sugar, Founder and Executive Director of WGEF


Urban Decay has always stood for the empowerment of women—from the products we create to the causes we support. When we launched in 1996, the prestige beauty market was a sea of pink, red and beige. We gave women the alternative makeup colors they craved and challenged them to defy the stereotypical notions of beauty. But it doesn't end with makeup. Urban Decay announces the launch of The Ultraviolet Edge, our global initiative to empower women. By helping to fund organizations that fight for the rights of women everywhere, we encourage all women to embrace their individuality in everything they do. To us, that's the definition of beauty with an edge.

Women's rights is a complicated landscape with many worthy causes, so we decided to pool together the money raised by The Ultraviolet Edge, which gives us the flexibility to support a variety of organizations that are doing incredible things to empower women. In 2015, we donated $528,000 to causes that support women. And in 2016, we donated $750,000. This puts us well on our way to our five-year goal of three million dollars.

We’re on a mission to

Donate to organizations
that empower women

Donate three million dollars
in five years

Recognize women who
inspire us


"With your help, we're empowering women around the world and changing their lives. By supporting The Ultraviolet Edge, you're helping to provide literacy programs and microloans to women in Uganda. You're enabling girls in Kenya to get an education. And you're making it possible for indigent and abused women in New York City to get the legal representation they desperately need. Thank you for your support. I'm so proud of everything we've accomplished together so far…and you should be too.”

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