• Nylon April  2010 Surreal Skin

ALICE WASNT THE only girl who fell down a rabbit hole. In the playful '80s movie Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Rick Moranis turns his kids into mini-me's when his science experiment goes awry. This leaves his daughter, the sarcastic cheerleader Amy Szalinski (played by 17-year-old Amy O'Neill), in a quandary: Though her hot-pink stretch pants and rugby polo shrank along with her, the rest of the world remained the same, leaving the tiny teen to fend off giant ants, rivers of cereal milk, and the enormous family dog-all without a wardrobe change. Though Amy is eventually rescued (and restored to her normal size) by her dad, fashion designers seem to be gunning for an alternate ending: This season's runways were crammed with references to the film's surreal world, like DSquared2's ant tanks, Alexander Wang's short-short trench dresses, and wacky Yarborough's cereal-bowl ring. In a way, it was a small step for fashion, but a big one for science-after all, Moranis needed a giant laser machine to shrink stuff, but these designers just required a catwalk, a couple yards of fabric, and a dream.


Urban Decay's Surreal Skin Cream to Powder Foundation, $34

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