• Nylon August  2010 Summer of Love Shadow Palette

TRIPPED OUT - Meant to be all about freedom, peace, and brotherhood, we all know how the 1967 Summer of Love ended--with Charles Manson, a San Francisco overrun with tweakers, and a generation of parents who stole their kids' drugs.  Regardless, Summers of Love were declared in Britain in 1988 and 1989, where raves replaced be-ins and ecstacy replace LSD.  Urban Decay has married these two somewhat ill-fated movements with a Summer of Love Eyeshadow Palette.  Maui Wowie and Chopper are bronzy neutrals, a perfect way to accentuate bare skin and tie-dyed shirts.  But then come Flash and Smog, a deep purple and black, which perfectly accentuate a face full of glitter and a smiley face T-shirt.  URBAN DECAY SUMMER OF LOVE PALETTE, $29

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