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bad girl blues


1.  Afterglow Glide-On Cheek Tint in Indecent, $24, urban decay


IT TAKES A SPECIAL someone to match Samuel L. Jackson in badassery, and Christina Ricci does just that as the promiscuous, whiskey-drinking, chain-smoking Rae iin Blake Snake Moan (2006).  Embodying the trailer trash stereotype with aplomb, Rae downs alcohol like water and pops pills like candy, all while staggering around in nothing more than a crop top, jean jacket, hot pants, and cowboy boots.  When her cut-off denim shorts go missing during one of her benders. Rae simply shrugs it off, saying; "I got others."  Her booze-fueled sass ultimately gets her into some major trouble when she ends up beaten and left for dead on a dirt road one night.  Things get even worse when she wakes up in a stranger's home bloody, bruised, and with a chain locked around her tiny waist.  Lazarus (Jackson), a bitter yet well-meaning farmer, takes her in with the intent of curing her of her indecency, starting by replacing her tiny outfit with a pretty frock.  After some lecturing from Lazarus and a lot of cursing and resistance from Rae, the two form an odd friendship and Rae develops a serious case of Stockholm Syndrome.  But can you blame her?  Lazarus nurses her back to health, feeds her home-cooked meals, listens to her problems, serenades her on request, and even buys her pretty floral dresses.  Rae may be a hot mess, but if you take her style cues you can look plain hot-just don't lose your pants.




URBAN DECAY CANNONBALL ULTRA WATERPROOF MASCARA - Pile on this non-clumpy mascara - it's not going anywhere.  $20



the look that makeup artist Val Garland created for the fall '11 Jeremy Scott show was positiviely electric.




get this:  super charged


URBAN DECAY MELTDOWN MAKEUP REMOVER - This gentle formula gets even the most colorful gunk off your face.  $24, urbandecay.com


draw inspiration


you are the perfect canvas for this summer's bold colors.




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