• Allure August  2012 Afterglow

Light Brights

Get cheeky. "Wear highlighter as a base, and then lightly spread a peach-pink or apricot blush on top, diffusing it so you have a hint of color and a nice glow." says makeup artist Dick Page.



Sequels can go very, very, wrong. Look at The Next Karate Kid or The Matrix Reloaded. Recently, Urban Decay launched the Naked2 Palette, a sequel to its original Naked Palette (more than one of which has sold every minute since its debut in 2010). This palette includes a few best-selling neutral colors from the original as well as some brand-new ones. And every single shade is flattering. We love the shimmery beiges, the chocolate used as liner; and the smoldering aubergine and black shadows. They blend perfectly, so whatever look you're going for will come out beautifully. Which isn't something we can say for Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. - Danielle Pergament


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