• People Style Watch December  2010 Lipstick
    Sparkling Lickable Body Powder

 Play up your...LIPS! - Attention-grabbing shades of pink and red are more wearable than you may think!


Dark Red

How to wear - Try it full-on if you have darker skin, or blot away some of the color with a tissue if you're on the fair side--you'll end up with a pretty cherry stain.


Urban Decay Lipstick in Gash, $22; urbandecay.com


Make SKIN SPARKLE - Get gorgeous shimmer just where you want it with these supereasy tips!


For your arms, chest and collarbones

Fine Loose Powder - Try it to give a bold, notice-me shine to your chest, collarbone and shoulder area.  Use a powder puff (a brush can be messy) and lightly tap it into skin.


Try! Urban Decay Sparkling LIckable Body Powder in Marshmallow, $29; urbandecay.com


Play up your...SKIN! - Give your complexion a boost with flirty blush, warm bronzer or luminous highlighter


Highlighter - How to wear - Brush along browbones and tops of cheekbones.  Try pink on fair skin, gold on medium skin and coppery peach on dark complexions.


Urban Decay Urbanglow Cream Highlight, $24; urbandecay.com

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