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Sonora Webster (Gabrielle Anwar) runs away from home during the Great Depression in Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken, her outfit is the last thing on her mind.  At the start of the 1991 Disney drama, she takes up with a traveling circus and learns to high-dive while riding a horse, determined to become a three-ring star in Atlantic City.  But fate and romance intervene.  Soon Sonora is blinded in a tragic riding accident and besotted with her horse trainer.  Al (Michael Schoeffling, better known as Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles).  The plot may be melodramatic, but Sonora's style is considerably casual; battered denim overalls, jodphurs, and weathered henleys that wouldn't look out of place today on a Ralph Lauren runway.  If you'd like to reference some dustbowl Americana this season, use Sonora as your style stencil and fill in the blanks with ditsy floral prints and washed fabrics in chalky pastel shades.  you could also channel your inner equestrian by sporting an Hermes saddle bag, although to be fair, those are way too expensive for a Depression era ensemble.


6)  Cannonball Ultra Waterproof Mascara



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