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INDUSTRY BUZZ         What's In Your Kit?


Katie Pellegrino


Brooklyn-based freelance make-up artist Katie Pellegrino always has a bare-bones kit ready to go, although she often compiles a supplemental kit for certain jobs to handle hair or effects.  "If a job involves straight make-up with no hair, I can fit everything into a small backpack or a Zuca rolling kit," she says.  "I try to change it up, depending on my mood or the weather, but it cannot exceed 40 pounds."  (Pellegrino faces a half-mile walk and subway stairs on her way to jobs.)  She does, however, take a car home after a shoot because, she says, "I am part princess at heart."  Here she describes the contents of her kit:




Eye and lip liners:  "I tend to use pencils and creams as shadow bases.  Usually the neutral colors are what I End up plowing through the fastest, but I keep a stash of bold colors to make me feel like I am not selling out!"


Pictured:  Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Travel Sized, $9; urbandecay.com

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