• Self July  2011 Lip Envy



"I pick my lipstick by my mood."


Judging by the electric pinks and reds that fill her makeup bag (see her favorites, right), Williams is as spirited as the music she belts out.  Are you stuck on blah beiges?  You'd be surprised how a tiny splash of color can enliven your complexion.  Here's how to instantly energize your look - and your mood.




* Play with intensity.  Coral, fushsia and red can go all-out bright or more mellow.  For the latter, use a stain, not a stick - the no-wax pigment lets your natural lip color show through.  Up the vibrancy by applying lipstick in the same shade on top, say Joanna Schlip, a celebrity makeup artist for Physicians Formula.


* Keep the rest of your makeup natural.  To make sure you don't overdo blush, apply lipstick first.  Then you can gauge exactly how much more color, if any, your face needs.


The singer has worn the rich purple-pink Urban Decay Lip Envy stain in Greedy.  $17, on tour.



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