• People Style March  2012 Lush Lash Mascara





It contains a moisturizing serum to help you grom healthy lashes.


Urban Decay Lush Lash Mascara, $20, urbandecay.com


Prep you lashes!


Add some curl  It will make eyes look wider.  A heated curler can give a long-lasting, natural look

Try a lash primer  It'll thicken and smooth lashes to make your mascara look even better.


Apply like a pro!


Use the right technique  Look straight ahead, hold the wand horizontally and wiggle it from side to side up your lashes, says Akai.  Repeat about three times-up to 10 for extra drama.

Smooth out clumps  Wipe the wand's tip with a tissue, then hold it vertically and sweep up to separate lashes.


Keep lashes healthy!


Take off mascara carefully  If you're wearning multiple coats, use cold cream first.  Massage it into lashes and wipe it off gently with a wet cotton ball.

Apply growth serum  It can help you get longer, fuller lashes.






10 Best!  LIP GLOSSES!

These formulas - from plumping to hydrating to long-wear - will get your pout looking (and feeling) great


9)  It has a creamy-not sticky-texture, pluse rich color


Urban Decay Super Saturated High-Gloss Lip Color in Big Bang (avail. in give shades), $19, Sehora, sephora.com


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