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To choose a formula, keep your skin type in mind, says Andrea Fairweather, a makeup artist in Los Angeles.  If it's dry, go with a hydrating cream (like th eones shown here).  If it's oily, pick a powder (see following page).  Gels and stains (page 92) are long-lasting options that can work for anybody.




Most makeup artists say that to find the blush that suits your complexion best, you should choose one based on your skin's undertones.  Of course, unless you're a makeup artist, you may not be clear on the concept.  "The idea is to use a blush that plays up or down - depending on the effect you're after - all the subtle colors naturally found in your skin," says Kate McCarthy, a makeup artist for GloMinerals, in New York City.  Still need clarification?  If you tan easily, chances are you have gold or yellow undertones.  If you blush readily, yours are probably pink or red.  If your complexion is dark, you probably have plum or blue undertones.


Gold or yellow undertones:  Pick orange or reddish pinks.  They enhance brightness and diminish sallowness.


Pink or red undertones:  Stick with light pinks to complement your coloring (for a natural look), or try peach or mocha to cut redness.


Plum or blue undertones:  Opt for vivid oranges or pinks, which will stand out against your skin.


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