Why settle for boring, basic headphones? This cool pair (designed specifically for women by our friends at Skullcandy) features our badass Electric artwork.

When it comes to headphones, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice function or style. These limited-edition, over-ear headphones not only look hot, but also have what it takes to satisfy the most serious audio enthusiasts.

Designed specifically for women by our friends at Skullcandy, our Electric Headphones cover your ears entirely, resting around them instead of on top of them. This reduces ear fatigue and helps block out ambient noise (all of which makes your music sound better than you ever thought possible).

Products for women should be engineered, designed, colored, cushioned, and patterned to actually fit women and what we want. Our music, our movies, every sound, ever little thing should be perfectly, undeniably a part of us. Solidly functional and relentlessly forward. This is Skullcandy.

A UD exclusive, this cool design features our vivid Electric artwork and comes with a convenient case.

SKU: 438
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