Mar 16, 2016


As the Senior VP of Product Development at Urban Decay, Amy has a job most makeup junkies would kill for. (And she knows it.) Here’s her story.

Name + Hometown + Years with Urban Decay
Amy Zunzunegui + Placentia, CA (O.C. girl, born and raised.) + 16 years

When did you realize you were a beauty junkie?
I was into makeup when I was younger, but I was a hot mess in junior high. My two looks were either really dark brown eyeshadow (without much blending) and frosted bronze lips or lilac eyeliner, turquoise mascara and frosted pink lipstick. Amazing.

It wasn’t until I was actually working at Urban Decay that I realized how much I loved makeup. I remember sitting in the product closet when I first started and just looking at all of the shades of Eyeshadow and nail polish wishing I could open and test every single one.

I once had on *Eyeshadow in Big Bang (a really bright pink) at a family Christmas dinner and my mom said she didn’t like that color on me. It didn’t matter at all to me because I loved it and was rocking it!

What do you love most about UD?
I’ve always had a deep admiration for Urban Decay’s sense of rebellion, femininity and self-expression—I love that UD embodies all of this in the most unapologetic way. I feel a very real connection to our “Beauty With an Edge” mantra.

What beauty item makes you feel most confident?
At the moment, it’s lipstick! I love that such a simple variation of color or texture can completely change your vibe for the day. One day I’ll love Sheer Revolution Lipstick in Sheer Bittersweet, the next day it’s Matte Revolution Lipstick in Matte Blackmail, then on to Revolution Lipstick in Bang.

I feel like a rock star when…
It all comes together…the eye makeup, the hair, the clothes and the attitude. Nothing can stop me.

*no longer available

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