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Urban Decay | All Nighter Setting Spray

Audrey Glass is Los Angeles’s most in-demand brow artist, so it was a no-brainer to team up with her for our Street Style Brow collection. Together with the brow expert herself, we designed eight ultimate brow shapes for Brow Guide, a brow stencil kit to easily shape and perfect your arches. Consider it the cheat sheet to your best brow.


We sat down for a Q&A with our favorite brow expert

What makes you passionate about brows?
They transform someone’s entire face and they’re so detailed and unique!
How did you get started in the industry?
I did makeup for eight years and branched out to microblading to offer something new and a bit more permanent.
What makes you excited to work with Urban Decay?
I’ve been a huge fan and user of UD products since I went to makeup school in 2008!
What are the biggest brow concerns you see?
The main concerns are lack of density and partial brows, meaning that some people have perfectly dense brows in the front of the arch, but then have no tail…and vice versa.
What are the three biggest do’s and dont’s when it comes to brows?
  1. Fill in the front of your brow lightly with much less pressure and product so it’s less intense than the rest of the brow. It’ll look softer and more natural and youthful.
  2. Make sure that your brows come in enough (to the inner corner of your eyes) and extend enough (past the outer corner of the eye).
  3. Make sure the arch of your brow hits at about two-thirds of your eye. It will open your eyes and give them a natural, sassy look.

  1. Do not overfill! People tend to be too heavy-handed with their brow makeup and it’s very aging.
  2. Never end the tail of your brow lower than the front of the brow. It gives a droopy and aging effect.
  3. Stop tweezing your brows! Use a growth serum and let them grow out for six months, then have them professionally shaped.
What’s your favorite Street Style brow shape?
My personal favorite is The Beau! It’s sassy and bold, but can still look very natural.

Must-have street style brow tools

Double Down Brow
6 Shades


Brow Blade
7 Shades


Brow Endowed
6 Shades


Brow Finish
2 Shades


Brow Guide
8 Shades



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