Lo-Fi Lip Mousse Looks
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Our New Holy Grail Lip Mousse Used Three Ways.

A bold statement lip has, in its own way, become the PSL of fall beauty. While moto jackets, berets and drinking hot, caffeinated beverages can only be enjoyed when the temperature drops, head-turning lip looks are always in season. From the shade range to the weightless formula and the insanely cute compact, our brand-new Lo-Fi Lip Mousse gives you more of what you love in a totally new way. Check out our go-to application techniques to create a powerful pout, below.


We love a bold lip, but nothing bums us out more than “babysitting” our lipstick. You know the drill: Having to step away to look in the mirror every hour, making sure your lipstick hasn’t smeared or migrated onto your chin? Forget precision and try on our version of a classic with an effortless, cool-girl twist.

To get the look: Use Lo-Fi’s applicator to apply the lip mousse (in this case, we’re wearing shade WAVELENGTH) to the entire lip. Then, using a clean finger, softly tap and blend the color on the lip line to create a soft, lived-in lip look that wears effortlessly all day.


Inspired by the beauty of red roses or stone fruit, a two-toned lip look feels fresh and undoubtedly sexy.

To get the look: Like the application above, but with two lip mousses. First, apply the lighter color (in this case, FREQUENCY) to the center of the lips. Then, press lips together to blend a bit. Next, with the deeper shade (AMPLIFY), apply on the outermost part of the lips. Once again, using a clean finger, softly tap and blend the color on the lip line to create a tonal piece of lip art.


This trend isn’t new, but it’s something we go back to again and again. Lo-Fi is a lightweight, innovative stain that works perfectly to create this subtle statement.

To get the look: Using the applicator, apply the lip color to the center of the lips (worn in shade NOISE) and then press lips together to blend. Reapply to create more depth and contrast to get a true, candy-stained effect.


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