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Nicole Richie and Troublemaker Mascara on

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Troublemaker Mascara | Super-Fat. Super-Long. Sex-Proof.

This mascara is so good it should be illegal. Troublemaker Mascara delivers empowerment in a tube with 13.7x the lash volume, and a sexy, fluttery, intensely black fringe. This failsafe formula gives you perfect lashes every time. It volumizes and lengthens as it separates, while our custom brush grabs onto lashes, curling as it coats.

We loaded up this mascara with insane benefits-- for thicker, impossibly long, perfectly fanned-out lashes.Troublemaker delivers lashes that are: Super-Fat. Super-Long. Sex-Proof (trust us on this one). Remember, well behaved women rarely make history.

3 Lash Looks That'll Stir Up Trouble

Because super-fat, super-long, sex-proof lashes look even better with a creamy, black liner, we created our 24/7 Troublemaker Mascara and Eye Pencil Duoloaded with a full-size Troublemaker Mascara and Zero 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil. And to prove these two are the perfect partners in crime, we put together three sexy lash looks that you’ll definitely want to steal.

Totally natural full lash.

· Tightline entire eye with ZERO 24/7 GLIDE-ON EYE PENCIL, wiggling the liner between lashes to create the illusion of a fuller lash line.
· Apply one to two coats of TROUBLEMAKER MASCARA, laying the brush at base of lashes and pulling it from root to tip to create fuller, more fanned-out lashes.

TIP: As the brush nears tips of lashes, roll the wand to allow the hooks to do the work.

Femme, glam winged lash.

· Sharpen ZERO 24/7 GLIDE-ON EYE PENCIL to a perfect point.
· To create the perfect cat eye, first sketch out the point of the cat eye on upper lash line.
· Gently glide the liner along lash line and connect to the point of the cat eye.
· Apply TROUBLEMAKER MASCARA to lashes diagonally, pulling upward and out to create a feline look.

TIP: Applying extra mascara at the base of the outer lashes, layer on multiple coats at the corners, using the longer bristles at the tip of the brush to hook onto lashes for a lifted, exaggerated effect.

Voluminous, smoky lash.

· Boldly apply ZERO 24/7 GLIDE-ON EYE PENCIL to entire lash line.
· Smudge out to create a sultry, smoky effect.
· Apply TROUBLEMAKER MASCARA by placing the shortest bristles of the brush at the base of the lashes. This will help maximize volume at the root.
· Pull through tips of lashes in a zigzag motion.

TIP: Use multiple coats. After the first coat, place the shortest bristles of the brush midway up lashes and pull through tips to build volume and length.
EXTRA TIP: Prime with SUBVERSION LASH PRIMER before applying Troublemaker to get extra fully loaded lashes!

Nicole Richie As The Face of Troublemaker on - September 2017

Nicole Richie announced as the face of Troublemaker Mascara. Read here.

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