When items are out-of-stock, you’ll see "Temporarily Out-Of-Stock" next to the product description. Out-of-Stock products cannot be purchased until the store is replenished, but you can choose to sign-up to receive an email notification as soon as the item comes back in stock. If you placed an order for an item that later comes up as out-of-stock, you will be notified by a Customer Service Representative via phone or email if there is a problem fulfilling your order.

If an item in your order is out-of-stock, we will ship all the available items now and notify you of any product(s) that cannot be fulfilled. Currently, we do not offer "Back Orders" for products that are not available. If you have any questions, please call UrbanDecay.com's Customer Service Representatives at (800)784-URBAN (8722), Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time, excluding holidays.