A Vice Lipstick for Every Troublemaker Mascara Look
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A Vice for Every Troublemaker

So, you’ve applied our new Troublemaker Mascara (if you don’t have it yet, you can grab yours here) and now you want to finish the look. Of course, everything goes with super-long, super-fat, sex-proof lashes, but why settle for anything basic when our Vice lip looks are known to stir up trouble?

Because no one ever regrets a pop of metallic shine.

Asphyxia Vice Lipstick + Ozone 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil

We’d take an ombré lip over ombré hair any day. This gradient lip look has a subtle badass quality we totally dig.

Caliente Vice Lipstick + Bittersweet 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil

It doesn’t matter if you prefer it on top or bottom, you can’t go wrong with this look that pairs two similar shades (in the same or a different finish)—each applied on a separate lip.

Backseat + Roach Vice Lipstick

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Vice Lipstick
97 Shades

$10 - $19

31 Shades

$10 - $21

Ultimate Ozone


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Troublemaker Mascara | Super-Fat. Super-Long. Sex-Proof.

This mascara is so good it should be illegal. Troublemaker Mascara delivers empowerment in a tube with 13.7x the lash volume, and a sexy, fluttery, intensely black fringe. This failsafe formula gives you perfect lashes every time. It volumizes and lengthens as it separates, while our custom brush grabs onto lashes, curling as it coats.

We loaded up this mascara with insane benefits-- for thicker, impossibly long, perfectly fanned-out lashes.Troublemaker delivers lashes that are: Super-Fat. Super-Long. Sex-Proof (trust us on this one). Remember, well behaved women rarely make history.

Teresuch Tutorial | Neutral Eye With Duotone Sparkle

When the gorgeous beauty blogger Teresuch (her makeup is always on point!) visited us at UDHQ from her hometown in Mexico, we knew we were in for something unreal. And she delivered, of course.

She took a matte, neutral eye up a few notches with a touch (literally with her finger) of metallic pink-red and green duotone sparkle shadow. Just that one simple step makes the whole look to die for. And the light nude matte lip? Perfection. Watch now for all the detailed, yet easy-to-replicate steps.

Lisa Sophie Stejskal Tutorial | California Glow Look

When beauty blogger Lisa Sophie Stejskal came out to UDHQ from Austria, she couldn’t get enough of the fresh-faced, glowing looks she was seeing in our Southern California beach town. So, she created her own gorgeous California glow using a custom cocktail using three of our highlighters, plus some neutral shades on her eyes and lips. Check it out.


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