Why women's rights?

Wende Zomnir (cofounder and chief creative officer of Urban Decay) is, and always has always been, deeply passionate about women's rights. Having supported organizations that empower women for years, she saw an opportunity for UD to get involved and help make a difference.

When you invest in women, everyone benefits. Research shows when given the resources and opportunities to work, women invest 90% of their income back into their families and communities. This not only enables them to put food on the table, but also allows them to pay for school and invest in their children's future. Educating and empowering women has proved to decrease violence (domestic and regional), decrease child marriage, and increase reproductive responsibility and health.*

How is Gwen involved?

As part of our efforts, we're recognizing inspirational women who rock our world. This is the second year we're partnering with Gwen Stefani. Like us, she has a history of breaking down barriers and hails from Orange County, California. We dig Gwen's innate ability to set trends and defy expectations. She also shares our passion for empowering women and will help give this initiative the attention it deserves.

Why work with multiple organizations?

Women's rights is a complicated landscape with many worthy causes, so we decided to pool together the money raised by The Ultraviolet Edge, which gives us the flexibility to support a variety of organizations that are doing incredible things to empower women.

How much are you donating?

In our first year, we donated $528,000 to causes that support women; in 2016, we plan to donate $750,000. This puts us well on our way to our five-year goal of three million dollars.

How do you decide what organizations to donate to?

There are many organizations doing amazing work to further women's rights around the world. We do extensive research to pick those organizations we feel embody the mission of The Ultraviolet Edge, and that have been verified and/or awarded by a third party.

Where can I buy Enigma Eyeshadow Primer Potion?

Enigma Eyeshadow Primer Potion is available at Urban Decay stores, at UrbanDecay.com and through our retail partners.

Is this an international initiative?

This is a global initiative and the money raised through The Ultraviolet Edge will fund organizations all over the world that help empower women. In 2015, we only sold Enigma in the U.S.; in 2016, we’re expanding this initiative to select international markets.

What Urban Decay products can I use to get Gwen's look?

To recreate Gwen's look, we suggest using:

• Enigma Eyeshadow Primer Potion
• Bathwater Blonde UD | Gwen Stefani Brow Box
• UD | Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette (Blonde, Anaheim, Skimp and Baby)
• Perversion 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
• Perversion Mascara
• UD | Gwen Stefani Blush Palette (OC Highlighter, Lo-Fi Bronzer and Cherry Blush)
• Rock Steady UD | Gwen Stefani 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil
• Rock Steady UD | Gwen Stefani Lipstick

What shade is Enigma?

Enigma is a limited-edition neutral matte shade of Eyeshadow Primer Potion.