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The 4 Best Graphic Eyeliner Looks to Look Stunning Year-Round

Listen up, UD fam, you already know that we’re not afraid to get a little graphic. Our brand mantras and makeup looks have been loud, liberating, and crossing the line for literal decades, and we have zero regrets. We’ve had the pleasure of bonding with tons of eye-conic looks over the years, but one will always have a special place in our hearts and makeup drawers…graphic eyeliner. It represents everything that Urban Decay is about – bold, bright, and blurring the lines between edge and elegance. There are no rules when elevating your eyes with the best graphic eyeliner looks, except to find one that’s unapologetically you. And we’re here for it.

Graphic eyeliner is the art of using geometric shapes, striking shades, and squiggly lines to create a work of art that’s all your own. Some lewks are inspired by real-life landscapes, like drawing fire or water designs to put your Zodiac sign on display. Others are just an elevated version of your more traditional makeup looks – like a floating double wing that’s luxe and levitating. All it takes is your favorite color(s), a little patience, and a whole lot of creativity to become one with bold looks, and we can’t wait to see what you create.

Fiery graphic eyeliner


You deserve an eye look that’s straight fire, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with this colorful graphic eyeliner that won’t quit. Serving up Aries energy and all kinds of attitude, you only need a single shade of red to light a fire in you, which you can easily whip up with our favorite UD-exclusive beauty hack and Naked eyeshadow palette. Yes, you read that correctly…we just said eyeshadow, but let us explain. For your fiery graphic eyeliner, you’ll be swapping out your colored eye pencils and liquid liners for a custom red hue that slays all day. All you need to do is grab your go-to shade of red eyeshadow – we’d suggest the burnt matte He Devil or metallic Scorched from our Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette, and spritz in a small amount of our All Nighter Setting Spray to begin this lit look.

That’s right; the All Nighter Setting Spray not only locks in your makeup looks but also creates your own custom liquid eyeliners! It’s a beauty mix-in medium that helps you pull off any eye look, including a fiery graphic eyeliner that’s 100% lit. Once you have your personalized red color in front of you, dip in your UD Pro Angled Eyeliner Brush to start lining. You’ll begin at the inner corner of your bottom lash line, sketching out a very short line outwards towards your nose before halting, and bringing the color up towards the inner part of your upper eyelid. Basically, it should look like a sideways “V” shape — similar to the “outer V” effect that eyeshadow experts love, only in reverse. You’ll then apply the red eyeshadow-turned-eyeliner along your upper lid the same way you normally would before the real fiery fun begins.

The final step is to glow all out with your colorful graphic eyeliner, becoming an IRL version of the fire emoji with all the squiggles and striking red that UD has to offer. It’s seriously super easy, don’t worry! After you’ve extended your top liner to the outer corner of your eye, ignite things further by bringing the color upwards. Use the ultra-hot red hue to outline the flame – which will sit in the same area where you would generally sketch out a classic winged liner. Once your flame is finished, repeat the process for a total of two shapes. Once this design is done, you can draw a connecting single red line along your brow bone for a floating liner effect. Talk about a blazing beauty. We already know that you’re super-hot, but you can put your smoldering eyes front and center with this fiery red graphic eyeliner.

Neon graphic eyeliner

Think about it…how many times have you found yourself staring at somebody wearing neon clothing or makeup, even when they were across a crowded room? Or when you didn’t even realize that you were doing it? That’s just the effect of neon, the fluorescent versions of your favorite vivid shades that elevate green, yellow, pink, or purple eye looks like a total dream. A swipe of neon graphic eyeliner can’t help but steal the spotlight, proven by the million-and-one TikToks recreating the top Euphoria makeup looks. Love ya, Jules. If you thought these eye looks were mesmerizing through your TV or laptop screen, just wait until you try them IRL for a bold and blinding display of color.

Even with a single swipe of neon green across your lids (hint hint: the 24/7 Inks Liquid Liner in Freak!), your eyes will be as extra as it gets. Pro tip: this is seriously amazing news for those who love to make a statement with makeup but like to sleep in each morning even more. It takes only about two minutes and a couple of flicks of your eyeliner pen to pull off the best neon eye looks, whether you opt for a floating liner, cluster of colorful dots, or purrr-fect kitten wing to slay all day. Since this mega-vibrant look is bold enough to stand on its own, you also don’t need too many makeup extras to look, well, beautifully extra. A coat of our Perversion Mascara will do the trick, giving lashes more volume and length to flawlessly frame your illuminating eye looks.

Wave-inspired blue eyeliner


If you’re obsessed with the fiery eyeliner from earlier, you’ll be totally in your element with a wave-inspired aqua look that pays tribute to Urban Decay’s SoCal roots. It floats your boat, makes waves with makeup, and goes with the flow… trust us, we have plenty more nautical puns. But the bottom line is that you’ll never want to stop playing with these pops of blue eyeshadow. A wavy graphic effect allows you to unleash your artistry and create the most water-ful (okay, last one!) eye makeup that’s all your own. While the graphic eyeliner trend is nothing new, it’s not every day that you see a dreamy design like this in the wild. You’ll receive plenty of compliments as you indulge in all-day slay and long-lasting color with 24/7 INK Liquid Liner, and we can’t wait to see you embrace your inner mermaid with this blue graphic look.

Remember the way you used to draw waves in your childhood drawings? In the basic shape of a curl, shaded in with blue and a little bit of white, similar to the way the wave emoji looks on your iPhone. That’s basically what you’ll be doing with this blue graphic eyeliner design, and it’s insanely easy. Grab the sparkling blue shade of our 24/7 INKS Liquid Liner, called Hi-Energy, and apply it across your lid for your typical top liner. Once that’s set in place, you can start drawing your sea-inspired designs to sparkle like the Pacific Ocean itself. You can make one, two, three, or even four crashing waves across your crease to unleash your inner beach babe, regardless of where you actually live, and it’s the best thing ever. Add an icy inner corner shimmer with our 24/7 Glide-On Waterproof Eye Pencil in Yeyo, and you’ll always be ready to swim with this blue graphic eyeliner.

60s Mod Black Winged Eyeliner


Just because our UD fam can get down with every color of the rainbow doesn’t mean that they can’t love a blacker-than-blacker hue, too. Black makeup is nothing short of iconic, especially when used in graphic eyeliner looks for a modern take on tried-and-true favorites. In this case, we’re talking about 60s mod black winged eyeliner. Twiggy and Cher rocked this look in the 1960s, which is defined by a dark line across the crease and often accompanied by a traditional black wing. The trend made a comeback on TikTok in the 2020s and was soon being worn by every A-lister, being called everything from “negative space eyeliner,” to “retro-futuristic cut crease.” These state-of-the-art names are everything, and you can take a journey through makeup history with this old-school-meets-modern graphic eyeliner effect.

All you need for this eye look is your favorite Urban Decay eyeliner in the black matte shade… and whether you opt for a waterproof pencil or liquid liner is totally up to you, boo. The 24/7 Glide-On Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in Perversion is creamy, blendable, and perfect for smokey and smoldering vibes, while the 24/7 Inks Liquid Liner in Zero has a patented grip for ultimate precision and perfect lines. We know you’ll do the right thing, babe. Once you’ve chosen your new glide-or-die, you’ll begin by creating a classic wing. Seriously, it’s that simple. Once you’ve sketched out your sharp black wing that makes you feel all kinds of things, it’s time for the “graphic” part of this poppin’ eyeliner look.

Start applying the black eyeliner to your crease, moving towards the outer section of your eye before connecting it back to your wing. This creates an open-ended effect that leaves you with two black lines — one along your top lid like always and one slightly above that appears to be levitating. This eye look has a vibe that’s equally runway and Urban Decay, and it’s safe to say we’re obsessed. While it’s completely optional, you can also use a bit of neutral eyeshadow to fill in the “negative space” on your lid or along your bottom lashline. Try the shades Factory, a pink-brown, or the taupe Mugshot from our Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette, which enhance your eyes for both 1960s mod and 2020s icon status.

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